Completed supervised theses (PhD level):

Artem A. Eremin, Dynamic problems for layered elastic waveguides with inhomogeneities, 2011.

Alexander S. Krivonos, Elastic wave excitation and propagation in multilayered anisotropic composites, 2010.

Sergey I. Fomenko, Wave propagation and diffraction in layered porous-elastic media with plane-parallel and cylindrical boundaries, 2008.

Oleg V. Kvasha, Investigation of piezoceramic elements interaction with elastic waveguides, 2007.

Mikhail V. Golub, Elastic wave propagation and resonance phenomena in layered waveguides with defects, 2007.

Dmitry V. Timofeev, Local Green function method for the investigation into singular-perturbed processes of admixture transportation, 2006

Alexander V. Ekhlakov, Scattering of elastic waves by arbitrarily shaped interface cracks, 2001.

Pavel V. Syromyatnikov, Power of electro-elastic waves generated in piezo-electric semi-restricted media by a surface harmonic source, 1996.

Yury G. Nikitin, Elastic wave propagation in compound waveguides, 1996.

Oleg S. Furmanyuk, Forming of elastic wave directional pattern diagrams radiated into a stratified half-space by a group of surface vibrators, 1995.

Amin Al-Akour, Interface waves in weld joints, 1994 (co-supervisor V.A.Babeshko)

Evgenia V. Kirillova, Vibration of surface deformable and rigid bodies on an elastic layer, 1992.

Vitaly V. Buzhan, Power emitted by inner oscillators in an elastic half-space, 1992.

Olga N. Lapina, Analysis of stress singularities at the top of polyhedral elastic corners, 1992.

Vitaly J. Zinchenko, Vibration of system of slabs on a multilayered elastic base, 1987 (co-supervisor V.A.Babeshko).

Lecture courses

·         Wave problems of Elastodynamics

·         Integral Transforms in Computational Mechanics

·         Numerical Analysis

Suggested topics for diploma works

·         semi-analytical low cost computer methods of mathematical physics and elastodynamics (boundary integral equations, complex variables, contour integrals, asymptotics, special functions etc.);

·         programming and coding in mathematical modelling of physical, chemical, biological and other natural processes